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Identity Theft Protection

Midwestern Accounting & Tax Protection Plus offer peace of mind with Identity Theft Restoration. Identity Theft Restoration Services For a full year from the date of enrollment, Protection Plus Members have 24/7, 365 days per year access to Identity Theft Restoration Advocates who will provide comprehensive, personalized recovery services for identity theft incidents.  Our unique identity theft solution provides Protection Plus members with all the components necessary to restore identity and prevent future incidences of identity theft.  All work done on member's behalf is performed by qualified Privacy Advocates. IRS Identity Theft is a major problem during tax season when unsuspecting taxpayers can have their tax returns stolen via identity fraud.  Protection Plus will assist Members with filling out the paperwork that the IRS requires in order to get their return successfully filed and protection against future events. Protection Plus assists taxpayers in the event that the IRS holds a taxpayer's return for Identity Theft for any of the following reasons:
  • Duplicate SSN previously filed
  • Preparation office redirection of funds
  • Stolen refund check
Protection Plus will assist Members who experience problems in filing their tax return due to a suspected identity theft incident in the following ways:
  • Interact with the IRS on your behalf
  • Assist in completing all required paperwork to be submitted to the IRS
  • Assist in getting their tax return successfully filed
  • Assist in obtaining an IRS Identity Protection PIN to prevent a future event
Protection Plus Audit Assistance With a simple phone call, you will receive the assistance you need from one of our experienced audit assistance professionals. We work directly with you and the IRS to bring the matter to resolution as quickly as possible. Rest easy with Midwestern Accounting and Tax Protection Plus!

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